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My health has improved more in the last four months of working with Dr. Hamada than it has in the last seven years since my initial diagnosis.

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**Dr. Hamada's waitlist is currently full and we are not accepting new functional medicine consultations or new chiropractic patients at this time.** 


During your initial 60-90 minute case review, a detailed overview of your personal and family history, your health goals and current treatments will be considered to determine what lab tests are recommended. You will leave with personalized  recommendations and resources to review deeper at your convenience. Please note, all consultations are virtual. 


A brief follow up visit is typically scheduled a few days later to dispense any specialty kits and required requisitions for labs desired. Once the lab results come in, a follow up appointment is scheduled to go over the findings and set you up on your wellness plan customized to your personal needs. 

Follow up consultations and progress checks are recommended periodically throughout the duration of care to achieve optimal success.

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