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Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner and Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Dr. Gloria Hamada, finds the root cause of your symptoms and illness to help you live your best life. 

Update: Our waiting list for consultations is currently full and we are not able to accept new patients at this time. 

Meet Dr. Gloria Hamada

Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic

With over 25 years of nutrition experience helping thousands of patients, I have dedicated my career to assisting people live their best health. Discover why I’ve chosen this path.

Working Together

Your symptoms are telling the end of a story, let's find out what's driving them and what we can do to make you better. Dr. Hamada offers consulting services in many areas including digestive and gut health, autoimmune diseases, integrative nutritional testing, food intolerances and more. 

"Working with Dr. Hamada changed my life, I've never been happier. After getting a thorough history, which included areas like emotional health, current lifestyle, family genetics and more - she ran extensive tests.  After getting the results and looking at all of the factors of my life and genetics - she began nutritional researching to get to the underlying cause of my agony. And, she found it. I suffered from a few bacterias in my intestines wrecking havoc, candida overgrowth, multiple food sensitivities from leaky gut syndrome, a gene that caused severe gluten intolerance and more. We worked closely together on a plan and after following it for the first 6 months, I felt better than I had in 10 years. After the first year, I felt like an entirely different person with no symptoms what so ever..."

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At Hawaii Functional Medicine, Dr. Hamada helps to incorporate Functional Medicine techniques into daily living. Please note, our waiting list for consultations is currently full and we are not able to accept new patients at this time.