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Dr. Gloria has changed my life! After 8 months, dozens of inconclusive tests, and several visits to my primary doctor and a GI specialist for digestive issues, I saw Dr. Gloria. She ordered more comprehensive tests and was able to determine the cause of my symptoms and recommended a regimen to get me healthy! She evaluated my lab results from a nuanced perspective and got me on a great nutritional regimen. My symptoms cleared up and I have not been sick in over 2 years since continuing to follow her guidance (not even a cold!). She provided a more holistic approach, so I can live my best and most healthy life.


I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis in 2009. It was recommended to find a functional medicine practitioner. I decided to make my health a priority and found Dr. Gloria. She treated me as an individual patient, taking a thorough history not only medically, but as a whole person. Dr. Gloria takes into consideration my opinion, it's more of a partnership than the Western model of doctors telling patients what to take or do. She listens to me, takes into consideration my wants, needs and my individual DNA make up. Dr. Gloria explains everything in a way that I can understand.


I feel better as a whole, I have more energy. I am better equipped to take care of my family because I am taking care of myself. Through many tests based on my own DNA, multiple food allergies and vitamin/mineral deficiencies were found. We are working together to correct those and my health has improved more in the last four months of working with Dr. Gloria than it has in the last seven years since my initial diagnosis. I also really like how she will work with your conventional doctors to help you achieve optimal health.

I highly recommend Dr. Gloria to anyone wanting to feel well again. She is genuine, personable, knowledgable and sincerely interested in your health and well being. Dr. Gloria is the only health care provider I have met that looks well and radiates her wellness from within. She cares about you not only as a patient, but as an individual person. Dr. Gloria takes her time with every appointment, and I have never felt rushed. She is a breath of fresh air in the healthcare system today. 

Christina F.


I began working with Dr. Gloria because I wanted to have better health. I had problems with digestion and was having trouble every time I ate. Many times, I could not finish meals due to pain and discomfort. My doctor was not able to resolve my problem. Dr. Gloria began working with me and everything changed.

Dr. Gloria ran extensive testing and worked with me on my diet and supplement intake. It was a process but well worth the positive results. I am now able to eat without concern that I will have stomach pain. I have more energy with the supplements. I am 90 years old and I am in better health now than many others who are far younger.

I would highly recommend Dr. Gloria. Working with her has made a major, positive change in my quality of life!

Gloria M.


I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and read there was a possibility to cure it with nutritional changes. Dr. Gloria helped reduce my thyroglobulin antibody caused by my autoimmune disease, a condition that my regular primary physician said could never be changed.


Dr. Gloria is thorough, full of loving guidance, advice and easy to communicate regularly with. A visit with her is unlike any regular doctor's visits. Most doctors visits feel superficial and rushed. I am often times given drugs just to mask the symptoms. However, with Dr. Gloria I am able to discuss the details of my symptoms, and together we plan how to take a practice approach to healing.  As a programmer, I know how to troubleshoot and doctors don't even have the basics of simple troubleshooting or listening for that matter. With Dr. Gloria, I realized from day 1 that I finally had a shot at beating this condition.

Monty D.


I starting working with Dr. Gloria due to a skin condition I was having. I also wanted to see the effects of the vegan diet I had been following for 2 years. I liked Dr. Gloria's approach of looking deep for underlying causes. After working with her, my skin condition cleared 90% and I realized I need to add/supplement my diet. I love how personal Dr. Gloria is and the genuine interest she had in my progress and needs. I would recommend her to others to find the root cause of their issues. Dr. Gloria is on top of the most innovative healthcare. 


I have been working with Dr. Gloria for the past 5 years and have never felt healthier. Before working with Dr. Gloria, for over 10 years, I was plagued with stomach and digestive issues. I ate healthy, got enough sleep and exercised regularly, and could not figure out why I was always feeling sick to my stomach with diarrhea, stomach pain and nausea. Working with western medicine doctors did nothing. My gastroenterologist told me I had IBS like symptoms that could not be fixed. He said it was generally a medical mystery why otherwise healthy people show symptoms like these and prescribed medication I could take if ever having a bout of stomach issues. It was agonizing living this way. I was worried every time I went out to a restaurant - would this food make me sick? I hated not knowing when a bout of stomach pain would come on and it always did at the most inopportune times. 

Working with Dr. Gloria changed my life, and I have never been happier. After getting a thorough history, which included areas like emotional health, current lifestyle, family genetics and more - she ran extensive blood and stool tests.  After getting the results and looking at all of the factors of my life and genetics - she began nutritional researching to get to the underlying cause of my agony. And, she found it. I suffered from a few bacterias in my intestines wrecking havoc, candida overgrowth, multiple food sensitivities from leaky gut syndrome, a gene that caused severe gluten intolerance and more. We worked closely together on a plan and after following it for the first 6 months, I felt better than I had in 10 years. After the first year, I felt like an entirely different person with no symptoms what so ever. 

I will continue to check in with Dr. Gloria on my nutritional health as the years go on. She is one of the most genuine, sincere and caring health care individuals I have ever worked with. Dr. Gloria is also one of the smartest people I have met and can't thank her enough for finding the underlying cause of my symptoms and healing me. 

Kara H.

Digital Marketing Manager

When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, my doctor prescribed medications but was not interested in helping me in any other way. I felt like there was so much I could be doing for myself, but needed direction. I began my search for a functional medicine practitioner and found Dr Gloria. 


Dr. Gloria is a God send! She ordered extensive testing to create a highly customized plan to getting me well. From our initial visit, Dr Gloria has been amazing. Her intake form is extensive, and she looks at every little detail to really understand the patient.


It has been amazing to learn things about myself that I didn’t know and would never know working with a conventional doctor. She looked to discover the root cause of my autoimmune disorder rather than prescribing medications just to treat the symptoms. 

I have recommended Dr. Gloria to friends and family members and will continue to do so. She has changed my life for the better and I love any opportunity to share her information with others.

Carla F.

Pediatric Registered Nurse

Ever since I can remember I have suffered from stomach pains and digestion issues. In college, I went to a Gastroenterologist and multiple doctors, but nothing I was prescribed ever worked. I tried everything from medicine to different types of elimination diets. After working with Dr. Gloria, I have been able to identify the root cause of all my issues. She helped me develop a plan to heal my body and gut. It has been 3 months and I have never felt better. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders because I do not have to worry about having a stomachache after every meal and can live my life without pain.

Karie D.

I read The Disease Delusion by Dr. Jeffrey S. Bland and became convinced that functional medicine was right for me. After researching the practitioners in Honolulu, Dr. Gloria appeared to have the most experience. In my initial conversation with her she answered all my questions and made me comfortable with the process.

Dr. Gloria did extensive research on my health history, diet, use of supplements, medicines and general lifestyle. We then did multiple lab tests and determined several areas where I needed improvements. She recommend diet and lifestyle changes and supplied supplements.

I have been on the program for a couple of months now and I very happy with the results. Dr. Gloria used her amazing knowledge and experience to interpret the huge amount of data we collected and come up with a program that has worked wonders. No other doctor has spent the time and energy to do what Dr. Gloria has done.

I highly recommend Dr. Gloria to anyone who seeks to really understand their health issues and desires a comprehensive program to maximize their well being. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and clearly loves helping her patients.

Stephen K.


I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2016, after over 15 years of symptoms. I had severe abdominal pain even while on a strict gluten free diet. Physician's options ranged from elimination diets to anti-depressants and my concerns were often minimized and/or dismissed. The abdominal pain was beginning to significantly impact my daily life, job, marriage and friendships and I began to struggle with depression. In addition to celiac, I was also diagnosed with Hashimoto Hypothyroidism and supraventricular tachycardia ten years earlier. 

I have been working with Dr. Gloria for over a year now. We did a comprehensive review of my entire health history and tests to determine a baseline. Together we developed a plan to help my gut heal, while decreasing inflammation from foods I was eating. Dr. Gloria took the time to listen to my concerns, she helped address barriers and provided several options. She was there to support me during the tough and frustrating times. Since we have been working together, I have been able to decrease my heart medication by half and feel mentally stronger than I have in years.  

I feel like I have control over my health. As we adjust treatment and explore all possible causes of my symptoms, I feel like I have an advocate for my healthcare. I have already recommended Dr. Gloria to friends and family.

Samantha A.

Research and Innovation Division Coordinator

I started to have pain in my knees which I thought was from over exercising.  After a few weeks, the pain spread to my hands, feet and elbows.  I had no idea what the issue was but after a month I was having a hard time getting through the work day and sleeping at night due to constant pain in my joints.  I saw my primary physician who referred me to a rhuematologist due to my test results.  This specialist told me I only had three out of the four symptoms needed to be diagnosed and to come back in six months.


Luckily, Dr. Gloria took a completely different approach to my symptoms and helped to uncover the underlying issues causing my pain.  She listened to my problems and came up with a plan to help heal my body.

Dr. Gloria is the reason I am able to enjoy a pain free lifestyle.  After being discouraged with the traditional medical system, she provided a new way to understand and heal the body through nutrition, supplements and all natural remedies.  We completed various labs so she could take an extensive look at my gut health and foods that could be triggering my inflammation.  We then came up with a plan to combat how my body was reacting.  It wasn't easy, it was the most challenging thing I have done. However, after a year of her guidance, I can honestly say it was the best decision I have made to support my longterm health.

Based on my experience with traditional medicine, Dr. Gloria's approach is different in every way.  Her goal is to understand the underlying cause of your symptoms.  She spends an extensive amount of time learning about your issues and coming up with a customized plan to heal your body.  Its not about masking symptoms with medication but understanding your illness to solve the problem.


I would recommend Dr. Gloria to all my friends and family.  She is extremely knowledgable and truly cares about her patients.  I have learned a lot through this process and take every opportunity to educate others.  If someone has a chronic or autoimmune issue, I always bring up Dr. Gloria and her approach to healing.

Nicole H.

Project Lead

I started working with Dr. Gloria when I was exhausted of the traditional medicine system. I wanted to find the root cause of my health issues instead of being treated with medication after mediation (with no response). Dr. Gloria listened patiently and reviewed all of my family/individual medical history. Based on my symptoms and medical history, she advised me on possible routes that I could take to better identify the underlying cause of my health issues. I would recommend Dr. Gloria, she is qualified in her field and has been more than helpful in assisting me in my goal of achieving optimal health. 

Emily W.


At 73, I am starting a new chapter in my life as an ABM NeuroMovement teacher working with mid-life adults & seniors. I want to maintain and improve my health to meet this new challenge. When I looked for direction and support for this goal, I found it with Dr. Gloria.


Dr. Gloria ordered in-depth testing by a research-oriented lab. She made a careful assessment of the results and took the time to explain them. Together, we developed a strategy I could live with. Dr. Gloria guided me to make specific nutritional changes to address my food sensitivities and shore up my digestive system, our initial focus. With her guidance, based on years of experience, I was able to avoid staring at rows of supplements in a store and guessing which ones would be best for my health. I was also able to reduce and eliminate medications for symptoms I no longer have because Dr. Gloria helped me get to the source of the illness. I continue to work with her as we fine tune the positive results I have achieved thus far. A nice by product is that doing all of this has allowed me to lose 25 pounds so far. 


This is personalized medicine at its best within a true doctor/patient team. I am grateful that Dr. Gloria is not limited by my medical insurance constraints since clinical nutrition is not covered. At the same time, she appreciates my financial limitations. She works with me to use my financial resources well to further my health goals. Other doctors have treated my symptoms with medication and are limited (for several reasons) in getting to the source of the health issues I have had.

I will continue to recommend Dr. Gloria to friends and family. She is caring, knowledgable and her guidance is worth the monetary investment in my health. 

Johanna C.

Neuro Movement Practitioner

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis 15 years ago, and my condition was slowly getting worse and worse. My regular doctor was just increasing the dose of my medication, but I was continuing to feel really bad. The turning point was fall of 2016 when I just could not get out of the bed. I did not have any energy, I could not take care of my son or my family. My husband suggested looking for alternative ways to help to improve my overall health. He heard about functional medicine before, he did some research and we were blessed that we found Dr. Hamada

From the very first visit she explained how she works and what tests and steps will be required. She went into great detail about my medical history, literally from my birth to my current age. We worked together on a variety of tests and found out conditions I did not even suspect I had. Dr. Gloria put me on a special supplement regiment and adjusted my nutrition plan. She constantly monitors my progress.

Her approach was like a breath of fresh air, for the first time a doctor actually listened to me and my concerns, and did not tell me that it is all in my head. Her knowledge is so extensive and she can communicate and explain in such a simple and understandable way.

I absolutely would, without any reservation, recommend her to my family, my friends and acquaintances. In these past few months she has made such a positive impact on my health, the quality of my life, my marriage, my relationship with my son. I feel like I have been reborn. I have not felt this great in many years.

Mariya M.

Stay at Home Mom

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